Sharing your Positive Content and Video Testimonials

Why Are Video Testimonials So Important?

Lets face it, running a business in today’s environment is challenging. The economy is still bouncing back from the severe downturn of a few years ago. Households are more careful in how they spend their money. And, of course, there’s always competition. All businesses, big or small, corporate or SMB, need to do whatever it takes to find an edge. With the multitude of business websites that exist online, you need to make sure you stand out from the rest. You need to make a compelling argument why a prospective customer should choose you.

That’s why video testimonials are so crucial to your business’s success. Video testimonials are a referral for your business. Nothing sells your business as well as the positive and happy voice of an existing customer. As much as a business can talk about itself it’s never as effective as hearing it from an objective third party.

Studies have shown that sales increase by more than 20% on websites with video testimonials. Video testimonials increase viewers time on the website and in turn, generates higher online conversions.

Bottom line, if you’re not capturing and displaying video testimonials from your customers your business is losing out.

Yahoo – Notice the Section “Our Latest Reviews”

locallogo – Notice “Our Latest Reviews”

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