Rapport 24/7’s is committed to offering the highest levels of Customer Care and Support.

Below we will out line the procedures available if the need for Support should arise.

1) We recommend as a first course of action you contact your Business Account Administrator and verify whether your access permissions have changed.

2) If nothing has changed regarding your access, the next step is for you to contact your Rapport 24/7 Account Manager or your Business Administrator to contact their Rapport24/7 Account Manager.

3) We always recommend you contact the Rapport 24/7 Customer Care Department through email. Make certain that you include the following details so we may provide prompt corrective action to resolve the concern.

• Your Mailing Address
• Your Email Address
• Best Contact Phone Number
• Business Name Associated with the App
• Nature of your concern

4) Rapport 24/7, PO Box 10562, Tampa FL 33679-0562

Thank you for using the Rapport 24/7 App. Your contacting us with your concerns is of importance to us. Your feedback provides us with critical information that allows us to improve our product and ultimately provide a better User Experience.