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Know How Your Team (Client's Team) is Doing

Done-for-you reporting gives you a summary report of all your video testimonials, so you always know how you and your team are doing you with video testimonials.

Quickly Diagnose Problems & Celebrate Excellence

This is the key to helping get your team motivated and excited about getting video testimonials, improving their service and making your company look better. Here’s how it works: your employee gets a customer review. The Rapport 24/7 system can then automatically awards points to that employee. When that employee earns enough points, they can choose a prize, which you award to them at the next company meeting. This allows you to publicly celebrate and recognize great performance, which gets your team more motivated and more excited about doing a great job and asking for more video testimonials.

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Facebook & Twitter integration lets you broadcast your Video Testimonials across the social sphere with a simple click of a button.


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Choose your favorite Video Testimonial for the week, click a button and a instantly share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

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