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Rapport 24/7 is the easiest way for a business to introduce video into their Social Media and onto their Website. Our Reputation Management Software is all-inclusive cloud based subscription platform, which enables businesses to have customers and employees create short 30-60 second Video Testimonials or Video Reviews. Recording and publishing to your private business account takes less than 2 minutes. And, with unlimited video storage, Subscribers have the peace of mind that their videos will always be stored securely and always be accessible.

Helping your customers be successful is what your business is all about and we provide you with the tools necessary to drive your customers’ brand and reputation with the most influential medium on the internet … VIDEO. Authorized reseller seal stam illustrationExceed your customers expectations, don’t give your customers one of the same old boring text review platforms that everyone else is using … give them a platform that sets them apart and …

  • Is totally innovative and unique
  • Is fully powered by video
  • Will increase social engagement
  • Will enhance website engagement

Be a hero, set your customers apart for the competition by giving their business the power of Reputation Management with Video Testimonials and Video Reviews. And, each one can be easily shared to multiple social media channels to pinpoint target their marketing campaign efforts.

Managing and Storing Video!

Rapport 24/7 Subscriber Video Management console provides businesses with the necessary tools to manage all their published/uploaded videos with a system that is intuitive and easy. Sharing to Social Media takes just a couple of clicks. Getting videos on your Website in creative ways is provided through one of two APIs.
And now, with The Power of 57 you can put your videos on over 57 Google Indexed Directories for the ultimate in online exposure.

Your EDGE with your customers … VIDEO

  • Video powered reviews and testimonials.

  • A real face and a real voice in each video.

  • Video the newest “word-of-mouth” referral.

  • Video in NOW! Text is yesterday’s messenger.

  • Video is Authentic and Trustworthy

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Your Reward as a Rapport 24/7 Reseller or Affliliate

  • 30% Sign-up Incentive

  • 30% recurring monthly Incentive (for Reseller)

  • Reseller – Subscriber management page

  • White labeled PowerPoint presentation

  • Marketing support materials

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Great Service/Great Value!

The fact that you’ll be providing a service to your clients that has great value and ongoing benefits makes the decision to become an Affiliate an easy choice. Plus, add managing our platform for your clients to the mix and you’ve added a couple of new revenue streams.

Our Reputation Management Software is a win-win for your company and your clients.

  • You’re putting the power of creating spontaneous video testimonials and video reviews in the hands of your client’s customers and employees.
  • We’re giving you a powerful cutting edge tool to store, manage and distribute (share) that video.

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We make it simple to get started and financially beneficial for you or your sales team to promote Rapport 24/7. To get started review our Affiliate/Reseller Agreements and choose which reputation management software program is right for you.

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