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We asked business owners like you, what you needed for online marketing of reputation management software.
We listened to your requests for important features, capabilities, needed results and we created Rapport247.
When you subscribe to Rapport247, you receive a powerful business page that represents your business – not someone else’s business that paid top dollar to encroach on your page. As a business subscriber,Rapport247 is committed to educating you on how to form, manage and nurture your online reputation with our easy to use web and app platforms.  Take back control of your reputation, with our reputation management software!

  • Reviews 80%
  • Testimonials 90%
  • Videos 90%
  • Client Happieness 100%

Just when you thought nothing could be done to make those boring testimonials and reviews interesting and relevant along comes Rapport 24/7.

Using the latest mobile and video technologies, we’ve brought testimonials and reviews out of that dark cave where they’ve existed for years and created a platform that elevates the trustworthiness and believability of every video testimonial and video review published on our site.

Potential customers can sit back, relax while watching & listening to real people – real customers eager to share the values and benefits of doing business with your company.

Watch – Listen – Increase Business

Rapport 24/7 is an interactive reputation – brand management platform powered by spontaneous in-the-moment video testimonials and video reviews.

Double the share – Watch the exponential effects

Shared once …

As powerful as video can be when placed on your website, we take it to new levels by making it    easy for your customers and advocates to share video testimonials and video reviews, at the point of recording and posting, to multiple social media sites of theirs with just a couple of clicks.

Shared twice …

Then, as the business owner, you take these same videos conveniently stored on your Rapport 24/7 business page and strategically share to your business’ social media sites tagged with critical keywords and meta-tags. All completed with just a couple of clicks.

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